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Review of 365 Pocket Morning Prayers: Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day by David R. Veerman


This is the second pocket devotional I have reviewed, and I was more then happy to be getting the chance to do so. I truly adored 365 Pocket Devotions. Not only did I love the color of it, but it felt as good as it looks. I know that sounds silly, but if you own a nice leather bible you know the feeling. The leather is sturdy yet soft and flexible. I found the 365 Pocket Morning Prayers to be just as pleasing, if not more so, for this leather not only looks soft but it is soft (like suede). The color pallet of the soft blue leather with the vibrant green interior and ribbon are beautiful. The embossed palm tree and birds just make this devotional so endearing, and the size of it makes it convenient to take anywhere. It’s easy to toss into a bag or suitcase, like my first pocket devotional which went with me on a trip to Hawaii. It fit into my carry-on bag and left plenty of room to spare (which was needed since I also had two other books and my kindle as well).

What I enjoy about these devotionals is how personal they are. When you’re reading them, whether you’re reading quietly to yourself or out loud, it feels like the words are your own. Each devotion or prayer speaks to you in one way or another, and if it happens that the prayer for that day isn’t speaking to you at the moment, you can look through the index for one that will. So, if you have a day where you feel you’re in need of strength, you can look up a prayer that speaks on strength, and use that to start your day. There are no rules as to how you utilize your devotional book, or how you spend your morning prayer time. Whether it sits beside your bed, on your coffee table, or you toss this little book into your bag and venture out into nature to spend some quiet time with God, these devotionals are great to have at hand anywhere.

For me, I enjoyed the sight of my pocket devotions so much I have it out where I can see it each day, and the same will be for my morning prayers book. These books are an eye catcher as well as a great reminder when you’re running around your house to stop and spend some time with God.

-I received this book for free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.



Imagination Station-The Redcoats Are Coming!

Imagination Station-The Redcoats Are Coming!

The Redcoats are Coming, an Adventures in Odyssey book by Focus on the Family, is a walk into the Revolutionary war with Patrick and Beth as they assist uncle Whit, the keeper of Imagination Station, on an adventure to awaken the citizens of Concord Massachusetts before the Redcoats come. On their adventure, Beth and Patrick must deliver the letter to Paul Revere, but also find themselves meeting Samuel Adams and John Hancock along the way. Their adventure they find is far more then just witnessing firsthand the actions that took place during the revolutionary war, as they themselves partake in the events, smuggling musket balls and helping sound the alarm that the Redcoats are coming!

This book is a great way for children six and over to not only learn about the historical facts of this time, but to also learn how the people during the time of the revolutionary war looked toward God for direction. This book brings a more biblical view that is sometimes forgotten in history books, and would be a great resource for Christian teachers of all sorts, as well as parents looking to establish a solid Christian education for their kids from home. What I love about this book, and the series alike, is how it brings these historical events into a story line that children can relate to, by taking them onto an adventure with children just like them. They get to see these events from a child’s point of view.

I’m so glad to add this book to my son’s collection, even though he seems to still be a little young to capture the true events of the book, it’s never too early to start. This books will be one we can return to over and over again as he grows, and hopefully will be followed by more books just like it. I would love for my son to grow up with a more biblical view of our nations history, setting a good solid foundation for him in years to come.

-I received this book for free through Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.