Into the mind of the Artist

Into the mind of the Artist

I’m a young aspiring artist originally from California where I grew up, but for the last ten years have been living in the beautiful state of Oregon. I do not have a specific genre of art that classifies my name as an artist for I have a strong passion in many areas of art. Though I have a love for hobbies such as photography and sketching, my strongest passions right now, which are the passions I hope to carry on to start a lifelong career, are painting and fiction writing. I grew up with a mother who had a love for drawing and desired to paint. Her mother, my grandmother, is an amazing artist who not only paints beautifully but is also a gifted pianist. Art runs in my family. I have always found myself somewhere right in the middle of my mother and grandmother, not without a gift to write or paint, but not quite the professional I wish to one day be, as my grandmother is. My childhood was not one to be desired, and from a young age I was having to work to help support my mother and four younger sisters. After moving to Washington with my mother and sisters I got a job doing preschool and for years that was my life. It wasn’t until I met the man that would be my husband that I realized there were options for me outside of raising my sisters and working at a preschool. I moved to Oregon when I had my first child and my whole world suddenly became revolved around my new family. I put off my passions for a long time (aside from my photography although I didn’t get my really nice camera until I had my son). Now that I am a mother of two, and not currently looking to have another, I want to move on from my focus being growing my family to now growing my career. I know I have the talent, now I want to use it.


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