Review of – Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean House and a Satisfied Soul by Sarah Mae

Review of ‘Having a Martha Home the Mary Way’ by Sarah Mae
‘Having a Martha Home the Mary Way’ is your 31 day guide to a cleaner house and a more satisfied soul. In her book, Sarah Mae hopes to give you a renewed vision of what it is to have a clean home, and a calmer, more peaceful heart, starting’ when you set down that coffee cup and pick up your to-do list for the day. This 31-day plan is designed to teach you to not only care for your home but to also care for your heart. We all have that vision of the home we desire to welcome our friends and family into. How many of us often sacrifice our own peace and happiness in order to obtain that goal? Many of us struggle with the desire to give ourselves just an hour here or there to maintain our own peace of mind, but how often do you find your home suffers because of it. Sarah Mae’s book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is here to help you find that balance, but even more, neither you nor your home will have to suffer any longer.
Most people know the story of Mary and Martha found in the bible. Jesus was invited over for a visit by Martha. Upon Jesus’s arrival, Mary took to sitting at Jesus’s feet, while Martha went into host mode, busying herself with serving her guests. Martha and Mary laid a foundation for all women when it comes to housekeeping, and Sarah Mae kindly put that foundation into words we could all come to understand. Upon that understanding, you’ll come to find that neither Martha nor Mary were in the wrong on their approach to their evening with Jesus. You’ll see what I mean by following each day’s readings, where you will be given two challenges: a Mary challenge and a Martha challenge. The Mary challenges speak to your heart and the Martha challenges spur you into action. The purpose of these two examples is to get you moving and cleaning, but to also help you experience peace throughout the process. Sarah helps you to see that there is a place for both Martha’s and Mary’s approach, and that we should embrace a little of them both.
Sarah’s 31-Day challenge starts with ‘Prep Day!’. This one page chapter is basically a “get ready” read, alongside a supply list of things you will need to complete your challenges. Then, day by day, you will have a short devotional story and your Mary challenge, which consists of a verse for you to read and some questions for you to answer. Each question is designed to help you look deeper into yourself. Next, the Martha challenge where you will utilize that supply list we were excited to buy, but not so excited to use. Thankfully, this book was not designed to be a housekeeping boot camp. This book is designed to help you find peace in your day to day chores, and you will do just that. You will learn to take your chores day by day, not all at once. Day one leaves you with two simple chores to accomplish. Following your directions for the day, you will be given a few extra items to follow, as well as some extra tips, including a way for those of us with kids to help get them involved.
As well as teaching you to slow down and finding balance, this book is also designed to help you discover the type of housekeeper you are. In learning this, you will learn which cleaning styles work best for you, and how better to approach making your house into the home you long for. Sarah Mae does a really good job in helping us admit the type of housekeepers we are, as well as embracing ourselves for it. Some of us might be ashamed that we aren’t more organized, and that we don’t keep a strict schedule, and our house isn’t always dust free and guest ready. Others may spend so much time obsessing over cleaning and organizing that they forget there is a life outside those neatly decorated walls. No matter which category you fall into, there is always room to grow and something new to be learned. Even if all you take from this book is a better way to love yourself, it’s worth the read.
-This book was provided to me by Tyndale Blog Network for free in exchange for an honest review.

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