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Review of Agents of Babylon by Dr. David Jeremiah


Agents of Babylon is one of three books Dr. David Jeremiah wrote on the end times using prophecies found in the Bible. In Agents of Babylon, Dr. David Jeremiah focuses on prophecies given to Daniel during his lifetime. Before I go too much further, one thing I found you must remember while reading this book is that it is one man’s opinion, and further, he in no way states that the fictional section of his book on Daniel was to be taken literally word for word. It is merely an example of what it would have been like to be Daniel during his lifetime. I have become a big fan of historical fiction, especially in relation to biblical characters. I first came to love this form of writings when I discovered Mesu Andrews, particularly her book “The Pharaoh’s Daughter”.


These books are one authors opinion, and I feel the purpose of these books are less to provide you with a history LESSON, and more so to provide you with a WINDOW into the lives of these great people of history. It’s meant to help you to see and feel what they “might” have seen and felt during their day to day lives. That is how I felt while reading Dr. David Jeremiah’s fictional view on Daniel’s life. It was like being pulled into my own Bible, and living out his life through his point of view. Sure it may not have happened just as Dr. David wrote, but how else would we get the chance to see the life of Daniel in such a way, and who better to provide us with a glimpse into that world but someone who has the knowledge and talent to do so.

Dr. David Jeremiah lays out his book in such a way that he gives you a brief fictional preview into the life of Daniel in each chapter, and then breaks off into a factorial breakdown of the story, using scripture and outside sources to backup the events of that chapter, for those of you who prefer reading facts over reading fiction. You get the best of both worlds. For instance, chapter one “The Hostage” is about a nine to ten page fictional story of Daniel’s capture and his first days in slavery. It is quickly followed by “The Scripture Behind The Story” where Dr. David Jeremiah divides up the story into sections, explaining each section for you using scripture and his own studies. I especially liked the great detail he went into explaining the events of Daniel’s life, such as the changes he and his friends had to go through as they adjusted to life as slaves. Daniel and his friends literally had their lives ripped from them, and most of us wouldn’t have thought twice about what that was like. It’s amazing to see it all though Daniel’s eyes, and knowing that through it all, Daniel never let it change who he was in Christ.

Each chapter takes you further and further into the books of Daniel. Dr. David Jeremiah slowly starts piecing together the connection between Daniel’s story and the end times, starting with King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. As we all know, there are aspects of the bible that can be connected to actual events in history and then there are parts of the bible, such as King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream which Daniel describes, that can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. Dr. David Jeremiah goes into great definition and detail with all these things, such as the dream, using many different supporting scriptures and sources. He continues to do this throughout the book as he slowly walks you through Daniel’s life. I am no theologian, and don’t aspire to be one, so for a simple person whose only desire was to learn more about Daniel and the end times, I found myself very impressed with this books ability to deliver both a fictional and factorial view on these things.


Eventually he ends with Daniel 11:36-12:3, and the visions given to Daniel concerning the end times. Using the prophecies given to Daniel, and supporting scripture from elsewhere in the bible, we are given a good picture of what to expect, and what to do with the knowledge given us about the end times. But amongst all this information, Daniel was eventually told, “…not to waste time delving more deeply into the prophecies, that they simply wouldn’t be fully understood until they came to pass.”


With that being said, Dr. David Jeremiah ends with these simple instructions: PROTECT THE PROPHECY – study it, understand it, and obey it, PROCEED WITH YOUR LIFE – don’t let the end times become an obsession, don’t just sit around and wait for it to come to pass, and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE – put your trust in the Lord, and most importantly, serve Him in everything you do. We are to continue living our lives with the knowledge that the end times are near, but also to continue living actively for the Lord. If you don’t yet know what that looks like, then what better example could be given to you then the life of Daniel. And what better way to learn of him then through this book.
-I received this book for free through Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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