My Sing-Along Bible: 50 Easy-Read Stories + 50 Fun Bible Songs- by Stephen Elkins


My children absolutely LOVE that I review books, almost as much as I love it, but for one reason, every now and then I get a new children’s book for them to help me review! This time, it was My Sing-Along Bible: 50 Easy-Read Stories + 50 Bible Songs, by Stephen Elkins. When we first opened the book, the kids were super excited to see a disc. Of course, their first thought was a movie! But I showed them how to the disc was a disc of music to go along with their book. My children loved the idea, and for a long time they sat in their room, taking turns holding the book, and trying their best to sing along.
After the excitement subsided, it was a blend of emotions for both of them. My four year old, who doesn’t know how to read enough to follow along with the book, and my seven year old who can read, but was trying to understand what part of the book the disc was singing, and when it was repeating the choruses, and each child wanting to be the one to hold the book. 🙂 My oldest son eventually got his fun out of it, but my daughter still loves to play the music and try her best to follow along with the book. She really enjoys it.
As for the book: At the top of each page is a brief story, followed by the song, a picture, and a “Little Lesson”. For instance, once chapter is God Created Families. It has a “Let’s Read” section that explains how God created the first family with Adam and Eve and gave them a special blessing called children. Then there’s a verse, Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”, followed by the song, “My Family Matters”, and lastly the “Little Lesson” which is that “God created my family”. On one page is an illustration of a family spending time together by a pond. The book has a lot to offer, and is a great family time book. My daughter enjoys it on her own as well, and loves the music, even if she can’t quite read yet.
The only issue we came across with the book is the disc case, which is a plastic piece that I believe is supposed to hold the disc in place. From the moment we opened it, the disc came sliding out. It was supposed to open from a sticky flap on top, but one of the sides of the plastic was completely open, allowing the disc to slide out. Obviously a manufacturer malfunction, and an easy fix for us. Aside from that I could not find anything wrong with the book itself, and am glad to add it to my children’s library.

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review


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My name is Charissa, I am an inverted, self-taught artist as well as a wife and mother of two. I am a Christian with a faith that was built from the inside out, influenced only by music and beautiful sceneries. I have many strong passions in life, including hobbies I like to practice on a daily basis, such as photography, painting, writing, reading and most recently blogging. I've spent the last couple years mostly as a homemaker with my two kids. As much as I love my life at home with my kids I've spent most my life working and making an income for myself. For years before I had met my husband I worked as a preschool/daycare teacher in a toddler classroom where I was able to utilize the artist in me, creating crafts and art projects for my toddlers. Prior to that I had worked in and out of different coffee shops and daycares, both jobs I loved deeply. Now with two kids it just isn't the logical option to go to work, but neither do I want to be a homemaker for the rest of my life. I've had dreams since I was little to be something big in life. A big time photographer for National Geographic, an artist for a company like Disney or Pixar, an author for a popular book series like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. All of which I hold the talents, I was just never paved a path or given the opportunity to be any of these. My life held a lot of ups and downs and it wasn't until recently, as my kids are becoming older and more independent, did I decide if I wasn't going to make it to college or placed on any other fast track program to making my dreams come true, then I am just going to have to try to get myself as far as my bare natural talents can take me. That is what led me to blogging. If I can't publish a book right now, then I'll spend my time reading them and expanding my knowledge on writing. I'm hoping to become more recognized as a blogger/book reviewer with hopes that when the time comes to get a book published my name will already be recognizable to an extent. As much as I would like writing to be my career I don't exactly know whether that is where God wants me. I have other talents I could very well use to build a career for myself. None of which are going to make me money right away. That is where I hand God the reins and pray he guides me. I don't know where I am headed, I only pray my journey starts to take off soon.

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