The Disney crew is on it’s way!

The Disney crew is on it's way!

So I’ve decided that it’s finally time to take my art from 75% to 100% done and framed. As a stay at home mom it isn’t always easy to find the time for myself. And the one area that gets pushed on my back burners the most is my art. There is nothing worse then showing someone a piece on my wall and having to say “Well it’s not done just yet” or “It’ll look even better when it’s finished”.

I would love to finally have something on my walls I can happily display to people and not feel ashamed that 90% of it isn’t finished. Lets just say that almost every piece of Disney work I’ve done has a mere couple hours left of touch up before they would be ready to frame. But that last ten percent is always where I say “Okay, it’s good enough for now.” Why? Because being a mom you just don’t have the time to give it your all.

Doing art isn’t like a nine-to-fiver where I can dedicate hours upon hours to one piece. I’m at the table, and then I’m making breakfast, and then at the table, and then cleaning up breakfast, and then at the table, and then changing the channel, and then table, and then potty training, and then table, and then picking up my son, and it just goes on and on like this all morning until I finally have to dedicate my day toward mommy/wife things.

My paintings get a few minutes of my attention at a time, until I give up because the stress is taking from the talent. Most may think painting is merely a gift. Sure, I personally consider it a gift, but it’s not a gift that just comes perfected. The true gift is the talent given to me, it’s my job from there to build upon that talent, and make it my own. I can’t just put a brush to canvas and expect it to make a beautiful painting. It takes time, focus, the right energy, and emotions. It’s a delicate process.

Just like it would be hard for my husband to wire a light or outlet with my children dancing all around him and talking in his face, so it is hard for me to do my art with so many distractions. I can’t just do it whenever or wherever. Yes I have places I could go in and close the door, but I also have two kids who would rip this house off it’s foundation if left alone too long.


Now, as I look at my Mickey and how far he’s come, I’ve come to find that I have grown so much as an artist, and I think it’s time to have faith that when I finish Mickey, he will be worthy to hang up in one of Disney’s art galleries. I think what’s held me back for so long was having the faith that I was good enough. I know now that I will never see my dreams come true if I don’t have that faith. So over the next couple weeks I’m going to put that faith into action, and I’m going to get my paintings to a place where when one looks at them they will be asking why they aren’t already hanging up in a gallery.

Ha ha, I don’t really know if that confidence sounded real, but I’m trying. So here to finishing my paintings, for when they are done I am handing them over to God, and allowing him to take that talent he gifted me and use it for his will in my life. Thank you Lord for such a blessed gift, and may I use it for your good and your glory.


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