365 Pocket Devotions Review

365 Pocket Devotions Review

365 Pocket Devotions is a great way to get in some one on one with God when life just doesn’t want to give you the time. As a busy mom of two, I don’t always have time to pull out my Bible, journal, and reading material when I would like. The 365 Pocket Devotions is a great option for those, like me, who find themselves running around all the time. It’s size is so convenient for storing away in your car, purse, or diaper bag, and it’s beautiful, orange, leather cover makes a wonderful book just to have out on the coffee table.

It’s wonderful for times when you want to sneak in some one on one with God, times when you need a quick pick me up, and it’s index great for specific things you might be going through in life that you may need to direct your devotion toward. As well, there are those of us who straight up struggle to find time to give toward God, and feel guilty. Although we all should strive to do better with this, Pocket Devotions are a great way to get in some easy scriptural reading in, and help guide ourselves toward making better efforts toward spending true one on one with God.

I truly love that the pocket devotions can be used in so many ways. I personally use it as a way to get myself to journal more, starting with my reading for that day, allowing myself to dissolve the scripture that follows, and then reflecting on it through my journaling. It gets me into God’s word, and reminds me of how refreshing it is to spend quality time with my father. I’ll admit, sometimes I do find myself so busy, or exhausted, that I just don’t feel like doing anything at the end of the day, save stare at my television until I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open. With my bright little pocket devotions by my be side, I’m reminded that God deserves at the least a fraction of my time.

The devotions are so short and sweet that, even when I don’t have the energy to dig deep into my bible, I can at least find the energy to read through my daily devotion before I lose myself to sleep. It is a great refresher, and something I feel every household could benefit from.

I received the 365 Pocket devotions for free through Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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