My Hope Is Found – by Joanne Bischof

My Hope Is Found - by Joanne Bischof

I was so excited when I saw ‘My Hope is Found’ up for review. I couldn’t click the review button quick enough, as if they were going to run out of review copies then and there. Joanne’s last book in the series, ‘Though My Heart is Torn’, left fingernail marks on my Kindle, as I was not expecting that book to come to an end when it did. I should have expected as much, from reading the first book. You come so glued to the story that you forget every story has to end some time, and of course you are going to be left hanging at the most heart tugging moment.

I jumped on this story almost the instant it was in my hands. I needed to find out how Lonnie and Gideon’s situation was going to resolve itself. The last book left off with Gideon as he was released from his marriage with Cassie, with her wishes that he return home to his family. You almost want to scream because you just came to terms with Lonnie’s settling into life without Gideon, especially with the new love interest in her life, the young reverend Toby McKee. Lonnie may have been struggling with her feelings for Toby, but you can feel the beatings of Toby’s heart. You see his heart for God and, though it hurts, you find yourself rooting for him. But God works in mysterious ways, as does this writer, and you know you have a lot to look forward to in the next book.

Now onto ‘My Hope is Found’ and you are dying to see where all this is going. Of course, Joanne isn’t going to give in that quickly, as in the first couple chapters,. You are asking for an all nighter with this book (just to warn you). As the Amazon review already tells you, Gideon does in fact return home, but his return home comes with a huge smack in the face, as his worst fears are realized. The love of his life has not only moved on, but she has moved on with someone else. Gideon is left with only a prayer, but will his prayer be for the desires of his heart, or will his prayer be for his family’s happiness and well-being. By doing so he is forced to really look at God for the first time, and when he does he finds the answer he was looking for…even if it’s not the one he wanted to hear. Now, I only  feel comfortable revealing as much, but I can say that this was one of the first books that has ever torn my heart in two places.

Joanne has yet again done a daring good job. I don’t know that many writers have the guts that she has to write such a love story in a historical christian, and twist the story the way she did. Most want to jump straight to pleasing the readers, by giving it the most desired or direct ending, so as to leave everyone crying “Awwww!” by the end of the book. I will tell you now though, that is not this story. She will toy with your emotions, she will twist your heart this way and that, and she will leave your head spinning, but she will not disappoint you. I am so glad as to have started this series, and am sad to see it come to an end. Thank you Joanne for such a wonderful journey, and for showing us that God is there for us, even when we feel undeserving of his love.


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