Dragonwitch (Tales of Goldstone Wood) by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Dragonwitch (Tales of Goldstone Wood) by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Review of Dragonwitch by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Just when you think there can’t be more to the Tales of Goldstone Wood, Anne Elisabeth Stengl takes you on another journey that will have you clinging to the pages (imaginary kindle pages or not) until the very end…even then you will have a hard time letting go. Her books started as just a forest beyond a small footbridge that a young princess would eye curiously while watching her brother at play, and would later become the pathway to endless worlds full of creatures that lived within the Wood Between.
Dragonwitch takes you within the walls of Gaheris, the home of Lord Alistair, a young man whose mother has placed all hopes of becoming future king. Little to her knowledge, Lord Alistair can hardly focus on ruling a kingdom as his mind is lost elsewhere, desperately trying to cling to sanity as his nights are taunted by night terrors. While fighting his exhaustion, Lord Alistair hardly notices his soon to be wife, Lady Leta of Aiven. Although arriving at the castle in order to get to know the man she us supposed to marry, Lade Leta finds herself enjoying company under the tutor of the castle Chronicler, unaware that he posses a secret that could risk her future in Gaheris, and Alistair’s chances of ever being king.
Meanwhile, far beyond the borders of Gaheris, yet closer then you could imagine, lies a kingdom under the rule of a great goddess. Though, in this world, things are not always as they appear, and legends that are once thought to be fairytales very often turn out to be true. With this knowledge, a search has been set forth to uncover a hidden sword, the very sword that slain the dragonwitch twice, and awaits the one person that will awaken it once more. Even better is the one character that gets caught up in the middle of it all, Sir Eanrin, Cheif Poet of Rubidos, who is familiar to many who have read the books, and will not disappoint those who haven’t.
In a few reviews I’ve read I have noticed that some read this book without really becoming familiar to the Tales of Goldstone Wood, and I must say that it is suggested you get used to Anne’s writing, and the world in which she has created these stories around. It can get very complicated, but if you start at the beginning you will find these books far less complicated, and far more addicting! This world, or worlds, become real to you, and you’ll find in reading these stories that your mind will actually take you a lot farther into the story. I started at book one a while ago, when it was for free on kindle, and I was a little unsure at first, but by book two, and three, I couldn’t put them down. The levels at which she stretches these kingdoms, and the places which she takes her characters is just fascinating.
Although she really can leave you hanging on certain characters, or plots, it’s all for the good of the story, cause you know an even better one is coming. I am so excited for her upcoming book, Shadow Hand, and to see what lays in store for Lady Daylilly. I have been dying to continue that story and will tell you it has been worth the wait. 🙂
-I received this book for free through Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


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