The Full Armor of God by Larry Richards

The Full Armor of God by Larry Richards

My Review of ‘The Full Armor of God’

The Full Armor of God, written by Larry Richards, is an inspiring book for anyone who takes interest in the belief that there is in fact a spiritual battle between good and evil going on. For those of you who believe there is a God but tend to leave your faith at merely believing for you struggle to conceive the idea of a spiritual battle between God and Satan, then this book is a must read for you. For most of us, believing in demons and angels was almost a natural part of coming to know God. As we continue to grow, the idea of demons living among us becomes almost a fantasy in our minds. We gain comfort in the idea that as long as we love, have faith and build ourselves a firm foundation in God that there is no need to look much further into the spiritual realm of things. We forget though that demons are not so much out to attack God and angels on a spiritual realm, they can not touch, they are here among us and their one goal is to steal from God the thing they can attack, our souls. The Full Armor of God really opens your mind to the reality of demons and the fact that the battle between good and evil is one that involves all of us. It is because of this that we must all be prepared by taking Paul’s advice and putting on the Full Armor of God.
Larry Richards goes into great detail in his book to explain step by step each piece of armor and relay Paul’s description and advice for each piece. He even goes so far as to relate each piece to the real pieces of armor used by Roman soldiers, allowing you to see and understand God’s armor in a whole different light. The first part of Larry’s book starts by explaining Satan and his schemes, how he uses demons to try to manipulate our lives. He uses Roman armies to put this into perspective for us, with us as soldiers and the mass of demons with flaming arrows as the enemies attempt to disable us/manipulate us. He uses this to get us into the idea of being in an actual war against Satan. The next part of his book introduces the pieces of armor and how we as humans can use these pieces to defend ourselves from Satan’s attacks. Each description takes you back onto the battle field, giving you a physical look at the piece of armor and then a spiritual description of God’s piece of armor, allowing you to physical see God’s purpose for that piece. Then comes Larry’s explanation as to how you can use that armor to defend yourself from personal attacks of demons in your own life. There is so much biblical reference in this book. The depth that Larry goes into to explain Paul’s reasoning behind the armor of God is incredible.
At the end of each piece of armor Larry gives you steps you can follow to find the demons attacks in your own life and how to overcome them. As well as walking you through these steps he also makes reference to freedom workshops Larry himself puts on, information for which you can find on his blog. Though a part of me felt at first the consistency of his references were a little like advertising, the fact that his workshops are free, and Larry’s purpose for these workshops are necessary for many of us out there, I understood his desire to refer to them so often. Larry even includes a workshop in the back of his book allowing his readers to go ahead and put together their own freedom workshop. It’s not just a simple question and answer workshop either, but involves activities, lessons and more great writings by Larry Richards. Even though it wasn’t necessary to read through his workshop I found myself wanting to. The last part of Larry’s book, before the workshop, goes into explaining our need to live a life of truth/honesty and light, and how living in God’s light and truth is a big part of defending ourselves from Satan’s attacks, by closing the doors that allow his demons into our life.
I will admit I did not expect this book to focus so much on demons. It was a bit of a shock how much Larry discussed demons and how real demons attacks on our lives can be. Thankfully for me I was already a believer in the spiritual realm and the effects demons can have on our life, though I will admit it is not something I openly express to others. Larry is obviously aware of Christian’s tendency to shy away this topic and expresses fully our need to acknowledge their presence more often. Churches, spiritual leaders and councilors alike could make more aware the damage Satan and his demons can do in our lives, and how we as Christians can be better prepared to handle them, as well defend ourselves and our loved ones from their attacks. There is so much more I could go into about this book but I will leave that to you to discover for yourself should you decide to read it. It was an eye opener for me and I look forward to taking Larry, and Paul’s, advice and applying it in my own life but taking the full armor of God and applying to my own life.

-I received a free copy of this ebook from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.


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