Squirt from Finding Nemo craft

Squirt from Finding Nemo craft

How to make Squirt from Finding Nemo

Squirt is one of the all time favorite characters from Finding Nemo. From his bright personality to his big adorable eyes. Squirt was the cute little turtle, son of Crush the turtle, who helped Marlin and Dory through the East Australian Water Current, so they can find their way to Sydney. I looked forward to doing this craft with my toddlers. Seeing as this craft was originally designed for toddlers I made the actual craft more inspired by Squirt then looking exactly like him. Because of this I decided to do two coloring pages, one resembling the craft, and one to resemble Squirt himself.

Materials needed for the Squirt Paper Craft:

Printer (for printing templates and coloring pages)
Construction Paper
Coloring Supplies (such as crayons, colored pencils, paint…)
Decorating Supplies (such as glitter and tissue paper)
Steps taken for the paper craft are to first print up template. Cut out Squirt, his eyes and shapes for his shell. Next trace those shapes on appropriate color construction paper, these colors can be of you or your child’s choosing. Cut out construction pieces and place before your child. From here they can glue on Squirt’s eyes and shapes to his shell. From there they are free to decorate and color Squirt to their liking, whether it be with crayons, paint, glitter or tissue paper. No matter what they choose this is one craft that is going to look cute no matter what!

I apologize for not getting on here sooner to post this craft, I was planning on doing a character a day, but as with everyone’s life, sometimes times escapes you. I will do better to post more characters as soon as possible, there are lots out there!! 🙂 For now I hope you enjoy this craft and coloring pages. I love getting to provide these crafts for you! 🙂

squirt5 001squirt3 001squirt4 001


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