Sheldon from Finding Nemo craft and coloring page

Sheldon from Finding Nemo craft and coloring page

Sheldon the seahorse craft

So as I promised, here is another Finding Nemo character, Sheldon the seahorse. Although Sheldon is not as easy to make identical to the character, it was still a fun colorful craft that my son enjoyed helping me with. I had a couple ideas as to how to go about decorating Sheldon and in the end decided on paper confetti. Though this is how I decided to decorate, feel free to come up with your own ideas. You can enlarge the confetti pieces, make larger rectangles to glue on instead of drawing them on as I did, or use this as an opportunity for your child to practice with their scissor skills. Just give them a piece of paper and allow them to cut out their own shapes. This would also be a great craft for using tissue paper, I was actually going to go that route but did not have tissue paper accessible to me at the time.

Materials needed for this craft:

Printer (for printing template and coloring page)
Construction Paper
Coloring Supplies (such as markers, crayons, colored pencils or paint)
Decorating supplies (such as confetti paper, tissue paper…and the like)
First step is so print out the template for Sheldon. Cut out Sheldon’s shape and eyes, and then take the construction paper, your color of choice, and trace the template onto the paper (use a different color for the eyes). Cut out the construction paper Sheldon and his eyes. Next take the decorating supplies of choice and make your own kind of confetti/shapes, whether you choose to use construction paper or tissue is up to you. Tearing/cutting paper or tissue paper is always fun for kids, and gives them more to do, making the craft last longer as well. Give them the coloring supplies, glue and, paper, and they can decorate Sheldon.

I have also provided a Sheldon coloring page for an easy print and color activity. Again, I will be on tomorrow to post another Finding Nemo character craft. Be sure to return and check it out! I hope you have enjoyed my hubs and will return to enjoy the many more to come!! Thank you 🙂

SheldonColoringPage SheldonTemplate 001


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