Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn

Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn

My Review of “Secrets” by Robin Jones Gunn

Jennifer Morgan is desperate to escape her past life and start anew in Glenbrooke, a peaceful Oregon town. With her eyes on the horizon, and Glenbrooke breaking into view, Jennifer finds herself coming to the realization that she is finally going to break free of the ties her past had on her. That is until tragedy strikes and the secrets of her past threaten her chances of starting over. With her dreams so close to becoming a reality, Jennifer finds herself desperate to keep her secret from resurfacing. She fights to make sure Glenbrooke never sees the Jennifer from her past. She will make sure they only ever see the Jennifer she chooses to be, a strong and self-sufficient Jennifer.
Keeping her secret becomes even more of a struggle then Jennifer thought when Kyle Buchanan, a compassionate paramedic who helped her through her first weeks in town, tries getting Jennifer to open up to him. Sensing her struggles, Kyle tries to reach out to Jennifer. Though being pursued by Kyle, someone who is both charming and a town favorite, would be something of a dream to Jennifer, it just isn’t the right time for her to be getting so close to people. It isn’t until her boss is introduced to Kyle and finds him to be something of an interest that Jennifer finds herself fighting her emotions. Her bosses jealous actions take a toll of Jennifers ability to hold tight to her secret, also diminishing her chances of ever having a chance with Kyle.
With her boss desperately trying to discover her secret, and her friends tugging at Jennifer to let them into her life, Jennifer finds herself at a crossroads. Though she loves her friends she struggles to fit in with them and this personal God they revolve their life around. Can this God really be the answer to Jennifer’s struggle to let go of her secret? Can He really be the personal and loving God that her friends seem to believe He is? Is surrendering her secret really the right thing to do, or will she lose everything she has worked so hard to build here in Glenbrooke, including Kyle.
I was very pleased with “Secrets”, Robin Jones Gunn’s first book in her “Glenbrooke” series. Having moved from Califronia to Oregon years ago I found myself able to relate to this story very well. Starting over is never easy. We all have secrets in our past that can taunt us. When it comes to building new relationships, the fear of being judged for who we are, or used to be, can eat at our ability to be honest with those we grow to love. Getting to follow Jennifer through her struggle to let go of her past and trust God was very humbling. For anyone who has ever struggled with a secret, or opening yourself up to trusting others with who you really are inside, this is a must read for you. An inspiring romance and story of true humility. You will not regret losing yourself in this journey of self discovery.
-I recieved this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.


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