Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room by Dr. Johnny C. Parker

Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room by Dr. Johnny C. Parker

My Review of ‘Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room’

Renovating your marriage room by room was a very creative and inspirational take on any marriage advice book. Dr. Johnny Parker came up with such an interesting way of looking at the preparation or reconstruction of a marriage. By taking the example of a house in need of renovation, and then guiding you room by room through that house as you would in the reconstruction process. He starts at one of the most vital features of the house, though it is not one you ever see unless you dig deep under the floor boards, the foundation.

One room at a time, making each room stand as an example for each stage of marriage, he explains what makes that room/stage so vital to the marriage, what happens as to why that room can sometimes become damaged, and what tools or steps need be taken in order to renovate. Each room he explained related so closely to my own marriage, and it wasn’t hard at all to see where in my marriage I could be in need of renovating.

What I really enjoyed about Dr. Johnny Parker’s writing was how humbled he was in using his own journey in marriage as an example, even being willing to point our the areas where he himself had faltered in maintaining his marriage. More importantly was how, instead of pointing the finger of blame at the faults of one spouse or the other, we can look into our own habits and actions. This book really has you putting yourself in the spotlight, and asking yourself the question, “What part did I take in this situation coming about?”.

Though this book does look at marriage from a spiritual perspective, it does not mean it can not be used for marriage in general. One of the vital parts of this book is how it helps you to place God at the center of your marriage, allowing you to depend more on Him and yourself, and not placing so much of that pressure on your spouse. There are couples out there though who may not be at that place with God, and may not be ready to place him at the center of their marriage, but that does not mean that you can’t use this book as a wonderful guide for your journey through marriage.

Dr. Johnny Parker still gives a great walk through of marriage and some wonderful advice for couples of any walk of life. I found the read to be very simple and easy to follow through. Each section was of short but good length, great for a late night read with your spouse. Though I do agree with another review I had read, that at the end of each section, when you look into the reflection/home inspection, it would be best that you read ahead and determine which of the questions you’ll discuss together. Some would be better suited for self-reflection and may not be beneficial as a conversation starter. Otherwise enjoy and good luck on whatever stage of marriage you are venturing into.

-I received this book for free from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you both 🙂


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