Hungry Caterpillar Coloring Page

Hungry Caterpillar Coloring Page

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar was, and still is, a very popular book for kids. When you are working or raising kids and you hear the word caterpillar more often then not you are going to think the Hungry Caterpillar. This became the very reason when I was doing preschool that I decided to revolve one of my art projects around this figure. I was one of those teachers that of course came up with art projects on the spot so this page here happens to be one I free handed from a book in my classroom.

My idea of art and crafts in the classroom always involved using lessons and creativity together in a way that allowed the children to learn as they created. I liked to get involved in the craft by sitting with my kids as we performed the crafting project. In this particular craft I decided to teach the kids about the cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly. We read the story of the hungry caterpillar first so as to get the lesson across and moved on the art project after.

For my project I chose caterpillar and butterfly stamps and washable glitter paint, My children in my class were of toddler age and this provided an opportunity to teach them which of the stamps were caterpillars and which were butterflies. The hand eye coordination of them having to paint the stamps before stamping was also great practice for this age. The glitter paint was a great way to make their pictures all the more colorful and fun, especially as they decorated our classroom.

The caterpillar coloring page can be used in many different ways. I provided the example as inspiration for those who may not have thought of using stamps as a way to color a coloring page. Feel free to use this caterpillar and my ideas on this page to provide lessons and fun for children of all ages. I look forward to posting more projects such as this and hope I can provide lessons, crafts and fun for parents and teachers such as myself.



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