Dory craft and coloring page

Dory craft and coloring page

So Nemo and all his friends were actually a series of crafts I created while I was a teaching preschool. I created these crafts to go along with an underwater theme I was doing in my classroom. I thought, “I could just print out a bunch of fish and ocean creatures for them to create and color….OR…I could recreate finding Nemo and make this theme TEN TIMES BETTER!!” So I spent an entire hour during nap time drawing up, cutting, recreating and crafting together these characters. I had such a FUN time putting these crafts together, and an even better time hanging my toddlers’ Nemo characters all over my classroom. These are probably my favorite of all my crafts. I was waiting for something special to bring about me posting these, and Dory’s new movie gave me just that reason.

Since we’re celebrating Dory’s new movie I thought it only appropriate that we created Dory first. For Dory’s craft you will need only the basics:

Printer (for printing template or coloring page)
Pen or Pencil (for tracing)
Construction paper (Blue, Yellow, Black, and White for Dory’s colors)
Glue Stick
Coloring supplies (for coloring page or decorating Dory)
First step is to print out Dory’s template. I traced everything down in the direction it would be glued onto Dory. I always post an example Dory for reference as well. Of course when younger kids take on this craft I allow them the freedom to put their crafts together however they wish. Next step would be to cut out template pieces, and using the reference picture, trace pieces on the appropriate colored construction paper. Cut out the construction paper pieces. Now if you would like you can work with your child one piece at a time, gluing and applying pieces, or you can just lay them all before the child. This would all come down to the age of the child and your feelings on them working with glue alone. After Dory is assembled you are free to allow your child to decorate Dory with coloring supplies or just leave her be.

Now if your child is still feeling a little creative I went ahead and used my paper Dory to create a coloring page. Print, cut, color and create!! I hope you are enjoying my crafts. Return tomorrow to see which Nemo character craft will be next!!!


Dory1 001 Dory2 001Dory1 001ColoringPage


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