Butterfly and Heart Finger Painting Craft

Butterfly and Heart Finger Painting Craft

Heart and Butterfly Finger Painting Templates

This is a very simple project for those who come across my hubs and want something easy and simple for their kids to do. I had a night not too long ago where I just needed a few minutes of time to myself and even though it would in the end require my having to clean up afterwards, this project gave me exactly what i needed, time. In the end I was left with two beautiful valentines that we were able to give to daddy when he got home, and now hang on our fridge, brightening our kitchen with color and love.

The joy of this project is that as long as I dress my kids in play clothes that I don’t mind getting messy, and I’m using washable finger paints that I don’t mind getting on the table or their clothes, I can just leave them to their creativity. They can choose three or four colors that I myself blob onto their paper, roll up their sleeves and let them at it! Funny is my kids don’t like getting their hands messy so each had a few baby wipes and after a few minutes would clean up their hands themselves. It was too cute.

So after the kids had their fun finger painting, my son, who has done projects like this with me before, wanted to fold his heart in half. Just another great way to play with this project. Especially with a template like the butterfly, if you choose to sit in on the project, you can fold the butterfly in half beforehand and have your kids finger paint on one side of the butterfly, then afterwards go ahead and fold it in half again and press. This will give the butterfly an identical look on the other half of it, and give their paint a really cool effect. The kids also really enjoy getting to smash the paint between the folds.

There are so many different ways you can play with this project, and the templates can be used for many different things such as coloring, cut and pasting, as well as painting. As I said just a simple idea that you can feel free to take and get creative with. Hope you and your kids enjoy.

ButterflyTemplate HeartTemplate


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