Up and Coming Trees

20130708_172129With the opening of my Etsy shop, I thought now would be the time to start producing more pieces to sell. Seeing as I’ve been in a little over my head in projects, I decided to take some time to update on my progress.

Here to share with you today are three pieces in progress, from brand new, to getting close to being done. The more complex tree to the left is one in which I have been working on for some time now. I started this a while back, during a time when I was hardly painting at all. This piece, though a beautiful one, has been placed on the back-burner due to priority changes in my life, but is slowly coming to life.

The next in line, on the right, though closer to being done then my complex tree, is my newer 9 x 12 inch fingerprint tree. Inspired by my love of Mickey Mouse, seeing as Disney always sneaks it’s way into my art, this tree is one in which I hope to make prints of, and start selling on Etsy soon.


Next is a project I am most excited about. A piece inspired by a friend of mine, who, while visiting her salon, encouraged me to take that leap of faith, and start getting my artwork out there. Having gotten offers to hang some of my artwork at not only her salon, by having had the same offer from a family’s salon as well, I decided to do a piece that would not only represent beauty in it’s natural form, but also the beauty of skin of all shades and colors. (Both salon’s do natural spray on tans, and I want this painting to be a representation of that)

Though I will have to admit, I have far more going on right now then one single artist should at one time, I am enjoying this stage in my artist’s life. Taking on art contests, painting my trees inspired by day to day life, working on more Disney pieces, and being inspired by new found talents from reaching new stages in my paintings, and preparing myself to start creating some fun abstracts. I just can’t contain the inspirations exploding with every new painting I make.


And this isn’t even venturing into my other half, the hidden author just waiting for her moment, reading books, reviewing books, getting to know authors, and writing fiction all my own. It takes a lot of division of my time, and a learning curve, as far as how to balance out my time, but I am loving the learning process too much to stop now.

My biggest inspirations in life come from the greatest artist this world has ever seen, and I can’t go on without thanking God for blessing my life as much as he has. Even though I have yet to make a way for myself using my art, or my writing, I know God has a plan for me. I need only my                   faith to pave the way, and for me to take that first step.


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