My Love For Disney Will Not Stop (and neither will my art) ;)

My Love For Disney Will Not Stop (and neither will my art)

Mickey is finally reaching it’s final stages! Ha ha, slowly but surely. It’s funny how Donald made his way to the finish line first, but Donald was a two step project. He happened in the flow of the moment, whereas Mickey was my first. Golfing Mickey started in slow, small steps, and I think it came from my desire not to go overboard with him (something I had a tendency to do with artwork in the past). I fear doing anything to mess him up, and so he’s taken a lot longer.


Mickey was the start of a life long dream, though yet to be realized. I do not know what God has in plan for my life, but I know where my heart is, and Golfing Mickey was a result of that. I find when I paint from the heart, and a purpose, amazing things happen.

Though Golfing Mickey and Donald had yet to reach their final stages, inspiration struck again, and a new painting was on it’s way. Although I love Mickey mouse, and Donald was a long time favorite of my kids, the crazy in me needed an outlet, and the Cheshire Cat was born.

The Cheshire Cat is special to me, one of the largest canvases I have worked on, aside from my Mickey Abstract, and being attempted in color, unlike my last two. I was intimidated by my addition of color to my Cheshire Cat. He looked really cool in black and white, and for a while I thought I might just leave him that way. But I knew it was fear holding me back, and I had to at least try. (Even then, if I failed, I could always recreate him)


For years I have given in to that fear. Fear I’m not good enough, fear of all those other amazing artists out there, who have and can do far better then I can, fear that I will never be noticed, and that my art will just sit for years and years, and never go anywhere. I was living under the intimidation of those who have already walked my path in life, instead of seeing them as inspiration, and mentors. I was seeing my reflection in the enemy’s mirror, rather then looking at myself through the eyes of my father. But I knew which one was the real me, and which was was merely a reflection of my fears. I tore down that mirror, and saw the raw potential my father was gently crafting with his own two hands.


It was that moment, when I placed my trust in the hands of my creator, the greatest artist I will ever know, that I realized I was just like my Cheshire Cat. I am in the early stages of life, merely an outline of God’s vision for me. Although I have been a canvas all my life, it is only recently that I started really seeing color, and getting glimpses of his vision for me. My art is just starting to take life. I have hardly begun to see what potential I have. I need to not fear having confidence in myself, because I know, with God’s help, I can take my art somewhere. And if it be his will, I will. 🙂


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