The Purple Grace Tree

The Purple Grace Tree

As I work towards opening my Etsy shop, I decide it would be worth it to share with you one of the items that will be up for sale there, not because I’m in any way advertising, but because I love getting to come on here and share with you my most recent paintings.

I thought at first that this would go up for sale as a fingerprint tree, but then after finally finishing this painting I decided that I would leave it up to the buyer to decide. I think this would create a beautiful fingerprint tree, but also is a wonderful piece all in itself.

This would be the first of my paintings I’ve ever sold, and I’m actually really nervous about it. I’ve only ever given paintings away to family, and although they were great pieces of work (some of my personal best) I fear my work being good enough to sell to a complete.

My Purple Grace Tree is a twelve by sixteen acrylic on flat canvas, and is probably one of my most favorite pieces. Although almost all my trees turn out to be favorites of mine, I just love the colors and the way they complement each other.

Although the picture I took makes the background look more pink then white, it’s actually mostly blue and white background, with a slight pink hue around the curls. I still need to find a room in my house, with lots of natural light, to photograph my artwork. I also live in Oregon, and we get little natural sunlight, even now. (Yes, it’s june, but it’s cloudy and raining, lol)

My hope with my Etsy shop is to sell already created artwork, although I would love to do personalized pieces. I guess you can call me a timid artist, for even though I would love to do for my buyers what I do for family, I am also a perfectionist, and want to provide for them an amazing painting, and fear not being able to provide that.

I know I need to just have courage, and trust in the gift God gave me. I will never settle on a painting not worthy of ones wedding, shower, party, event, or special occasion. I love what I do, and wish to do nothing else (well…that is other then writing). I can’t wait to get started my shop, and start making more beautiful paintings. πŸ™‚


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