Veiled Rose, Tales of Goldstone Wood, Book #2

Veiled Rose, Tales of Goldstone Wood, Book #2 in series

Veiled Rose, book two in the series “Tales of Goldstone Wood, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, is a wonderful and daring read that will carry you on as you continue your journey through Goldstone Wood. The daring side of this book is that not everything you see in your mind is all that you think it is at first, and not everything that you imagine coming around each corner, or turn of the page, ends up coming around the way you think it would. In the end you can’t decide if you are satisfied, excited, disappointed, angry, happy, or numb. Yes numb is a weird feeling, but when you know there is a book three right in front of your face, you put all your feelings on hold, cause you know the story ain’t over. 😉

Leo has heard the whispers, knows the stories, and hears the lies that the stories aren’t true, especially when the looks on the faces of those speaking say otherwise. The mountains contain a monster, and Leo plans to find the truth. When his mother sends him to spend the summer in the mountains with his cousin, boring book nerd Foxbrush, the lonely Leo decides enough is enough. He’d rather spend the day in the mountains with a monster then another afternoon in the presence of Foxbrush, whose goody goody behavior rarely carries him far from his workbooks.

Leo, armed and ready, takes off for the mountains in search of an adventure, and an adventure he does find. Little did he know that adventure would not come in the form of a monster, but of Rose Red, a young girl who has spent her life hiding beneath her veils, and living in the mountains with her nanny goat. Leo, though startled at first, takes no notice of her rags. Focused on his journey at hand, and refusing to slow down for the curious Rose Red, Leo continues on his journey up the mountain. Rose Red on the other hand, fears what Leo’s journey will really reveal to him, and refuses to leave his side, even if it displeases her nanny.

After befriending the lad, Rose Red finds happiness in the comfort of her friend, though she is fearful of Leo’s interest in finding the monster, a monster she fears is all to real to her. Curiosity causes Rose Red to wonder what would happen should she show Leo what really dwells at the top of these mountains. Although she wishes for Leo to be happy, and continue his friendship with her, she can’t help but fear what would happen should he really come face to face with the monster, or worse, with her secret.

Over time, as years tend to have their effect, as the games dwindle away, and the fears become mere voices in her head, Rose Red finds herself more alone then ever. That is until Leo invites her to leave the lonely mountains, and join him in the low country. Rose Red struggles; should she listen to her nanny’s warnings, and those in her head which lead her to believe the monster to be real, or follow her heart, and her friend Leo, and try to make a home among those who she has hidden from for so many years. One choice could change her life forever…one choice will finally tell her what is real, what is fear, and whether her leaving the mountain will really reveal the monster.


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