Heartless, Tales of Goldstone Wood, Book #1

Heartless, Tales of Goldstone Wood, Book #1

Heartless, book one in the series “Tales of Goldstone Wood”, was a fun and interesting read. Being the first in the series, it was hard to clasp onto the book at first, and it’s main character Princess Una, whom you might find hard to be likable at first introduction. When I say clasp though, I don’t mean like, I mean the read was so interesting, the author’s imagination so vast, that it takes a while for your mind to comprehend just how deep the read gets, and just how far her imagination will take you.

You get kind of sidetracked at first by Princess Una’s personality, and her somewhat selfish focus on meeting the ‘Handsome Prince!’ who she feels should be pursuing her any day now! The next moment the book dips your toes into a world of fantasy, introducing you to characters who are so mysterious and magical, that your mind jumps into the story and starts bouncing in excitement. Then suddenly you are back into the castle with Princess Una, listening to her complain about the oh so boring, and plain, Prince Aethelbald of Farthestshore who has come calling, and who refuses just to leave her alone!

In a desperate attempt to escape the boring suitors, and gain some freedom, Princess Una finds herself wandering the garden, and suddenly in the presence of a jester, one whom seems to have captured her attention far more then any of the Princes visiting her Kingdom. Una finds comfort in her new found friend, going out of her way to aide in his journey, and help him by finding him work within her castle. During his company, Una can’t help wishing it was he who was her prince, unlike the others whom she wished to be out of her sight.

Little does she know she would soon get her wish to be left alone, and not even her jester will be there to comfort her. Here, the mysteries of the story take hold, and the characters start to unfold. Here you meet one, in which you had barely caught a glimpse of in the beginning of the book. One who Even Prince Aethelbald, who had came to warn the Princess, can not prevent the from coming, for he knew the game was played, the horror won, and soon all would come to encounter the Dragon.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I feel for a first book in the series, did a great job starting off this journey into Goldstone Wood! Many have commented on the inexperience in the book, but as a writer hoping to one day write my own fantasy novel, I’ll proudly say that I wish my first novel to be as exciting and creative as this one! As I’ve continued to read on through this series the first book continues to come to life in my mind, making the read even more exciting just to look back upon. I am heading onto book four of the series and can hardly stop to write these reviews. It’s surely a book you will love diving into, just don’t expect to resurface until it’s over! 🙂


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