My review of “Bending Toward the Sun” by Mona Hodgson

Emelie Heinrich, daughter of German Johann Heinrich, has spent her life dedicated toward helping out in her father’s store. Now of age, her father has pushed her to receive an education at a local woman’s college. When confronted with the question of love, by her friend and co-worker Maren, Emilie doesn’t understand how there can really be much more to love, other then what she already feels toward her father. Besides, where would she find the time?

It’s not until Quaid McFarland steps back into her life after years of serving in the union Army that Emelie finds there might be something more to this love her friend was talking about. It’s hard to tear her attention away from Quaid, and Emelie feels Quaid might just feel the same, but they aren’t the only ones sensing this. Johann Heinrich decides his daughter will not be caught showing affection for an Irishman such as Quaid, and makes that very clear to the both of them. When Emelie finds Quaid avoiding her, she feels her father may have taken it too far.

Although Emelie desires to have Quaid fight harder for her, even she can’t go against her father. Not wanting to risk hurting him, knowing she is all he has ever had, Emelie decides she only has one place to turn. But can God really mend the missing patchwork of her life? Is she going to be able to fill her patchwork with bright and beautiful designs, or will she find it filled with dark patches, representing the missing love of her life she wished could have been, but can never be allowed to be.

Mona Hodgson writes beautiful love stories in her “Quilted Heart” series. These short but sweet novellas will not find you disappointed, other then your desire for the stories to keep going! I had started with her first book of the series, “Dandelions on the Wind”, with Emelie’s friend Maren. I loved to get to continue Maren’s story in “Bending Toward the Sun”, even with it being Emelie’s story. I look forward to “Ripples”, book three of the series, where I hope to continue Maren and Emelie’s stories, all the while getting to learn more about Caroline Milburn, a woman you meet in book one who’s husband went missing after the war, and has yet to hear of his whereabouts (that is until book two…).

Each of Mona’s books carries on a little piece of the previous story, making the read just as beautiful as the patchwork of the quilt’s you hear about through her books. It’s a beautiful series. What I love most about this series is the length of the novella’s makes for perfect “Me” time, where I get to grab me a warm beverage, cuddle in my bed, and get lost in these beautiful love stories. I do love a good novel, which usually carries over the length of a few days to a week, but these novella’s allow me a nice escape from my more lengthy reading. It’s like sneaking a piece of chocolate, while already enjoying your dessert! I can’t explain other then to say it is worth it to start reading for yourself!


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