Fingerprint Tree

Fingerprint Tree

Only on the second phase of this tree, but here is a glimpse at my first fingerprint tree that I will be putting up for sale on Etsy. After doing a fingerprint tree for my sister in-law, which you can see in my earlier posts on this blog, I found I was capable of painting in a way I never thought existed within me. I found my tree turned out great, and that I loved doing it. After inspiration struck me, I decided it was time to get started on another tree. I was nervous at first, after only having gotten the sketch done, that this wasn’t going to go as well as my last. I got discouraged, and even put this tree aside for a couple months. Then after my last two Disney paintings I decided I was being silly, and needed to believe in myself some more. So I pushed myself to at least reach stage two, when I get my first layer of color, and see how I feel. And how do I feel?? I feel really good! So far I think it’s turning out great, if not better, then what I first imagined. So I will eventually post the finished product, but I still have one question. I have never sold art before and am not sure what to price a painting such as this, acrylic on canvas, 12 by 16 inch, original. Anyone who has knowledge or experience selling art such as this, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have. Obviously a finished product would give you a better idea, but I am more so looking for a general idea and any advice you might have. Thank you so much. 🙂


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    My Fingerprint Tree Guestbook, in progress, feel free to read my blog, and give me your opinion 🙂

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