Disney Mickey Abstract in Progress

Disney Mickey Abstract in Progress

I decided with my downtime, when I’m not reviewing a book, I will work on my Disney abstracts. I know I am nothing compared to the Disney artists whose art is displayed and sold through Disney. I still have such a strong passion for Disney though, and love expressing that passion through my art. Honestly, if Disney had a place to review books I’d probably be all over that too. A while back I had started an oil painting for my husband of Mickey and Minnie on a golf course (my husband is a big time golfer, not professionally, just loves the sport), but sadly not having the right brushes, or materials needed for oil paints, it just didn’t turn out as I would have liked. I wasn’t investing money into my art then. I also didn’t have the oil paint know how to do the work properly. Since then I’ve wanted to do a golfing Mickey.
My inspiration for ‘Golfing Mickey’ actually came from a golf ball I found one day while we were out golfing. It was a bright orange golf ball with a Classic Golfing Mickey on it. I fell in love with the figure and have wanted to put him into a painting. Living in Oregon and so far from any big time Disney places I was surprised to have found a golfing Mickey ball. It has been my favorite golf ball since.
I’m excited to get started on this painting, but wanting it to be really really special I’m a little nervous about how to approach it. Not sure if I want to go with acrylic or oil, also not sure if I want to use solid colors or a blended color scheme making it a little more extreme and abstract. Any input is gladly accepted from the artists out there. I can sort of see it in my eye but coming from only the knowledge I have taught myself I would like some more experienced input.


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    New Disney Golfing Mickey Abstract in progress. One way in which I express my love for everything Disney is through my art. This would be my second Disney abstract I will have done. I am excited to see what comes from this.

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