My Review of ‘If You Have A Craving I Have A Cure’

Book reviewing has become a real passion of mine since I started four books ago. I remember a while back reading a book on writing fiction and the advice given to read as much material as possible. At the time the only real material I was actually reading was the book in which I was given the advice. The impression I got from these books was that reading books on writing is merely a finger pointing you in the direction of becoming an author. These books can guide you but they aren’t going to MAKE you an author. That part is completely up to you. Following their advice and reading material written by other authors is like making the effort to move forward. Finally taking your ideas and getting them down on paper is literally the first real step towards becoming an actual writer. As of now if I don’t have the motivation to write then I’m probably reading. Before now I was having a hard time making time for myself to read. Since I’ve dedicated myself to reviewing books I’ve pushed myself to reading more then I ever thought possible. I’m now reading about a book a week and it feels amazing. My review to ‘If You Have A Craving I Have A Cure’ can be found on my hubpage, just follow the link above. 🙂


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