Mahi Mahi and Eggplant Tacos

So one of my favorite recipes during the spring and summer time is fish tacos. Usually we get all our fish from family who fish for salmon and halibut. During that time we literally live off fish. I have no problem eating fish seven days a week for there is so many ways to prepare it. Fish tacos is one of my favorite because of how healthy and fresh the recipe is. Many fish tacos instruct you to bread the fish, this is not necessary and takes from the health aspect of the meal, but this is all up to your preference. I chose to try breading my fish this time seeing as I was attempting to sneak some eggplant into the recipe. We had never eaten eggplant before and I wanted to try a substitute for our meat so as to make the meat I buy go further. I absolutely loved the eggplant in this recipe and that it allowed me to use less fish, which meant more servings of tacos. (yea I know…I should only eat the required servings but to me two tacos is harder then only eating one slice of pizza on pizza night) I did use my long non-stick skillet and less then half the oil called for in this recipe. I did not want to deep fry my food and the skillet technique worked like a charm.
So for this recipe the food needed seems lengthy but a lot of the food used will leave you with left overs for other meals, it goes far.
Start with a fish of your choosing, usually a white meat fish like halibut or mahi mahi.
Seeing as fish can be expensive make it stretch further by adding a vegetable like eggplant.
You will also need corn tortillas for wrapping these yummy ingredients.
A lot of recipes call for a mango salsa or coleslaw. My husband does not like mango and I don’t always like packing my meal full of cream or dressing. I like fresh natural flavors. So I came up with my own cabbage salad. It’s sort of a combination of coleslaw and salsa…but really really good. Seeing as I am horrible at measuring out my food I will do my best to give accurate measurements. All in all it comes down to taste and preference which will be all up to you anyway.
-Cabbage (About half, I like red for it’s color brings personality to the table and dresses up the salad)
-Onion (One small or half large, this is a preference, I use walla walla seeing as I always have it on hand. If you like red onion that will work too)
-Green Onion (About three or four stalks, onion and leaf)
-Cilantro (about a cup chopped, more if you are like me and are a big fan of cilantro! Smells and tastes amazing!)
-Jalapeno (One large seeded and minced)
-Cherry Tomatoes (One cup, more again if you are a fan of tomatoes. You can also use regular tomatoes but this will make your salad more runny)
-Bell Pepper (Go crazy! One large bell pepper works just fine but more never hurts. Yellow and orange add a wonderful sweetness to this salad, but go for what you prefer. Make it colorful!)
-Lemon (One large lemon, you will mostly use the juices. Slice lemon in half, half for your salad and the other to dress your fish and eggplant.)
-Sea Salt (You will only need a few dashes to enhance the flavor but more can be added if you feel there isn’t enough)
To start you want to take your fish, remove skin if present and chop into strips, about an inch thick. You want it big enough to hold in moisture and taste. For the eggplant cut in half. I only used half a whole eggplant. Slice in a quarter inch thick slices.
For breading your fish and eggplant you will need to make a prep station with two bowls. One bowl will require three to four eggs with a splash of milk, lightly whisked. Second bowl will need about half a cup of flour, equal amount of bread crumbs and seasoning to taste. I used a couple dashes of fish seasoning which contains onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, red pepper and salt. Additional sea salt can be added to both bowls for more taste. You will want to dip the fish and eggplant one at a time in the egg wash and then into the flour mixture, covering completely. Set aside until skillet or fryer is ready.
Prepare a skillet or deep fryer. I do not use deep frying so if this is a preference you would know what to do. I took a long non-stick skillet and added about four or five tablespoons oil per side for the fish and eggplant. I turned the heat to about med-high. After a few minutes I added the fish and eggplant, being sure to add oil if needed. I then started on prepping my salad. Checking on the fish and eggplant for browning, flipping over when necessary.
So for salad starters you will need a large bowl, cutting board and your knife of preference (I’m a mom…I use whatever I find in my drawer, praying there is a clean knife in my drawer.) Take your cabbage and cut in half. If your cabbage is a large you may go with less then half seeing as cabbage can sometimes overwhelm the other ingredients.
You want to dice the cabbage to about a quarter of an inch all around. Almost like a coleslaw so shredding it would work just fine too. Add this to the bowl. Next dice up the onion. I used about half a large onion, though as I say more never hurts for those who like it. Add diced onion. Do the same for the green onion using the whole stalk, greens and all. Take a handful of cilantro, dice or shred. You just want this small enough to mix in evenly through the salad, more can be added if you feel there isn’t enough, but I used about a cup of chopped cilantro. Mix all ingredients with cabbage.
(Be sure you are checking up on your fish and eggplant, turning over if needed, taste testing so your fish doesn’t become overcooked or dry.)
Take large jalapeno, remove seeds and mince up whole jalapeno. Add to salad. Take bell pepper(s), dice and add to salad. I used about a cup and a half of cherry tomatoes. You will want these diced and added to salad with juices and all. It’s the juices from these that dress your salad alongside the lemon. Take large lemon and cut in half. With one half squeeze juices over the salad. Add a few dashes of sea salt and mix in by tossing salad a few times.
Taste test time! Taste a spoonful of salad and decide if more lemon or salt is needed. This salad is best after sitting for a bit in the fridge allowing the flavors to really mix and sink into each other. Take a good whiff and then put aside in the fridge. (I just really love the smell of this salad!) By this time your fish and eggplant should be finished. Place together on a serving dish/bowl and cover to keep warm. I like warm tortillas so I went ahead and used my skillet. I pushed aside any chunks or extra oil and placed the tortillas on the skillet over low heat.
Seeing as I was having asparagus with this meal, while the tortillas warmed, I went ahead and prepped my asparagus by placing the trimmed stalks in a pan with about a inch of water and few dashed of sea salt. I covered and went back to my tortillas while these cooked. I flipped the tortillas, removing them when they were at the temp I liked. Some of you might like your to be crispy or seasoned. I’ve yet to experiment with this and have no recipe to follow so I can not help you there. Thankfully if you are on here reading this you can easily look that up on google. 😉
After you have your tortillas warmed and your food in serving dishes you may go ahead and set your table. For garnish and dressing you may have extra cilantro, tartar sauce and lemon wedges available. To prepare your tacos you simply add a bit of tartar sauce (mayo or dessing of choice may also be used), add fish and eggplant, top with salad and enjoy!!


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