Review of ‘The Full Armor of God’

Just finished yet another book review!! My third official book review so far and it is so exciting to see that all those months I pondered, toyed and feared the idea of becoming a blogger and reviewing books for authors and companies were just exactly what my last book referred to, the enemy trying to discourage me from living up to God’s potential for my life.

I sat in front of my computer for months as I tried to decide if I could and would be capable of becoming a book reviewer. I worried about being able to find the time, as a mom of two, to read and finish a book in thirty days time, as well as write out a review worthy of being online for millions of people to read (not that I was expecting a million people to find and read my review), but it was a concern.

Though being a book reviewer isn’t my big time goal for my life, it is a step in the right direction and will surely aide in becoming the writer of novels that I truly want to be. In all the books I have read, and am reading, on writing, one of the biggest and most common pieces of advice I am told is to READ READ READ READ and READ AGAIN! I followed that advice as often as I found time but I was sticking to only reading that which was popular at the time and only those reviewed highly. I needed to expand my genres and read both the good and bad, the fiction as well as the non-fiction. Getting into book reviewing has done just that.

I look forward so much to seeing where this will take me. Already I have found a place for myself, and I joy that I cannot even begin to describe, from becoming a blogger. I used to look down upon the internet and the social media realm. I thought, “How can people waste away in front of their computers so much! Get out and get a life!” As I now laugh at myself because here I am spending most of my day online making homes away from home in so many different blogging sites. I have not only opened doors to truly finding who I am as a writer but I have reconnected with family and friends in a way I never thought I could. It has been an amazing experience, though i’m sure I already said that, lol.


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