Lucky the Leprechaun Clover

Lucky the Leprechaun Clover

One of my favorite pastimes was being a preschool teacher and doing crafts with my kids. I had a habit of going my own route and not really following the crafts that were sometimes suggested to me through the curriculum. I loved the challenge every new holiday offered. On the off days, when holidays are few or far between, I would use the curriculum’s art projects, but only as inspiration. Even worse then that was most days I didn’t even know what craft I would be doing until the day of. It wasn’t that I was trying to slack off, only that there really wasn’t much inspiration to gain from home, and all my materials were in my classroom.

Lucky was one of those crafts. I had done so many leprechaun crafts with pots of gold and clovers with tissue papers. I did not though have a clover and leprechaun in one. I wish I could remember exactly how I came about discovering this cute little clover but it has been so many years since my preschool days, and I have hundreds of craft projects that remembering the birth of each and every one would be almost impossible.

I started blogging because I wanted to work towards becoming a book reviewer.  Before I could order my books I had to have an established blog and readers visiting that blog. Seeing as I hadn’t read any books to review yet I needed something to post to get traffic flowing through my blog. Then it struct me, I had been holding on to all my craft projects from my preschool years. I wanted to be able to share them with people and here would be the perfect opportunity to do so. So I started blogging my crafts and thankfully to having a more established blog I have now started reviewing books.

It has been a great experience so far, becoming a blogger and spending my days doing what I love most, writing. Reviewing books has pushed me to read more, as well as giving me an excuse to read more, which in the end I hope will only help me become an even better writer. I love getting to share my art and photography, and hope someday soon I can gain enough courage and trust to share some of my writings as well. Until then thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and taking such an interest in my work. 🙂


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