Fingerprint Ladybug


So this past week was a very busy week for me. Aside from my kids being severely sick with a cold, I was having to prepare for a baby shower which I was asked if I would be willing to do a fingerprint painting for. The theme was ladybugs and their colors were pink and mint green. As an artist there is a big difference from being asked to create something off the top of your head and being given specifics that you must follow. Trying to assemble in your mind the pieces you were given to create your final art piece. I wanted this specific painting to be childish, cute, a reflection of both their desires for their nursery and my desire to always give my best in my artwork. As a mother it is not always easy to find the time to give my best. During day hours I find myself jumping from obligation to obligation, from blogging to making breakfast, to reading for my reviews (if possible), to cleaning house, to blogging, to breaking up a fight between the kids, to writing, to making lunch…you get the pattern.

Painting is such a different obligation though. Unlike my other things where it is easy to jump around (easy as in it’s mess free and can be put on hold without major complications or worries), painting is not the kind of hobby that can be picked up and put down constantly. It takes precision and focus to keep the inspiration and get it onto canvas before it’s lost, a stable and distraction free environment (as in no kids moving or climbing on the table and/or trying to grab my brushes and asking me repeatedly if they can paint with me), consistent effort and progress in order to keep the paint fresh and the work moving forward, seeing as I can only dedicate so much time during the day toward my paintings. And knowing ahead of time my goals for each session so the progress I put forth will be accomplished and not repetitive. This isn’t always easy seeing as more often then not I don’t know what my final product is going to look like. I am only ever looking one or two steps ahead of myself, praying to God my inspiration stays on track and doesn’t veer off in another direction…that is where most my pieces go wrong and end up half finished and lost in a stack of canvases on a shelf. For paintings such as this that is not an option. This painting had a purpose, and thankfully it served it’s purpose perfectly. It turned out just as I was hoping it would, and made for a fun and lovely guestbook for the baby shower.

Fingerprinted Ladybug


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  1. Beautiful job Charissa!!! You are so creative even when given boundaries to work within; the artist in you can still find a way to create unique and beautiful things.

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