Starbucks Las Vegas

Starbucks Las Vegas

Was in line at Starbucks at the Las Vegas MCcarran Airport thinking how funny it was that this was the first and last time on my trip to Vegas that I would be getting a Starbucks coffee. We came into Vegas late thursday and thanks to having the availiability of staying at a home in Lake Las Vegas we had a nice coffee pot and no need of running all the way to town to get ourselves a coffee.
This was probably the first time I’ve taken a trip without visiting a Starbucks or Jamba Juice at least once during the day. Then again we were in Vegas so if we were going to be making a stop to get a drink it was probably going to contain some form of alcohol. Ha ha.
Sadly I was hoping to get myself a starbucks mug that said Vegas, a collection I was hoping to start now that my husband and I are looking to travel more, but they had no mugs availiable, just plastic thermoses. Thankfully though that was the only real disappointment during my trip.
Seeing as it was my first time in Vegas and I got to spend it with my sister, who is also my best friend, and celebrate our birthdays at the Gordan Ramsay’s steakhouse, I can live without having Starbucks every morning. Though ending my trip, and a very early and busy morning at the airport, with a Starbucks Soy Vanilla Spice Latte with whip was well worth the five minute wait in line 😉


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