Apple Chicken Salad

Apple Chicken Salad

Today seems to have an apple theme to it, no complaints here. Apple chicken salad happens to be one of my favorite dinners. One of the only dinners that will satisfy my husband with the salad being the main dish. Seeing as I’m in a sharing mood today I thought I would share with you this simple and yet delicious recipe. Inspired by Red Robin’s Apple Harvest Chicken Salad, I decided to recreate this dish so I can have it more then once ever couple months. The great thing about it is the ingredients are all so easy to throw together, and you don’t ever use all that you buy, so you can toss this salad together as your lunch or snack as well as a quick and easy dinner.
For starters you want a selection of your favorite greens. Today in my fridge I had spinach, romaine and red leaf lettuce. I also had some left over cilantro from a pasta salad I made earlier this week. I love cilantro so I threw some of that in.
Next you will want to take some chicken breasts and cook those to your liking. I like my chicken to be moist and full of flavor, so I threw some frozen chicken breasts into a pan with an inch of water as well as some extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt, Italian seasoning, paprika and chopped garlic cloves. (honestly I don’t try to put special seasonings together…I just dump in whatever I like and use most often) Let that chicken boil, cook, fry, bake or whatever.
Meanwhile prep your salad. Tear your greens up to size, rinse and set aside. Take a couple apples, whichever you like best. We typically buy Gala or Fuji apples, they are a good balance of sweet, crispy and tartness. You can skin them if you’d like, but I like the skin of my apples. Cut up your apples to about one inch slices.
Next come the simpler ingredients. Dried fruit such as cranberries (which are what normally come with this salad), cherries, pomegranate, or raisins such as yellow or large raisins. Glazed nuts such as walnuts or pecans and crumbled cheese such as bleu cheese or feta cheese. Last step, half slices of oranges on the side. The citrus just goes great with this salad. And of course dressing to top it off. Honey Mustard is the dressing of choice with this salad but seeing as some people do not prefer mustard other dressings I’m sure would work just fine. A raspberry vinaigrette would probably go nicely.
This salad makes for a beautiful dish you can dress up for guests or a simple dish it up yourself meal. Either way I know everyone will love it!!


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