Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

I have a lot of passions in life, most involve using my hands to create works of art whether it be writing, painting, drawing or photography. One other passion happens to involve using my hands to create, but my works of art usually never last longer then an hour before there is nothing left to show of my work.
This passion happens to involve making yummy food for my husband and kids. Though I am no professional chef or baker I do take great passion in my food and love to experiment. I try to find ways to add flavor yet keep it healthy, as well as make more using less so as to save money.
In this particular meal I try to keep it as healthy as possible by sticking to natural ingredients, but also savoring the flavors so as to make my husband drool even as he’s eating. I am always experimenting with this meal but that is the joy of it, you can alter it to suit your tastes.
Like any enchiladas you will need the typical foods to start with such as the tortillas and chicken breasts. My mandatory ingredients aside from the obvious include: One can of enchilada sauce (I like green chile sauce), One can of green chiles, salsa and low to nonfat cream cheese. If you like it spicy, as my husband does, a few jalapeno peppers go great with this meal. If you don’t mind the extra calories you could also add cheese to that list such as cheddar (since this I always have in my fridge).
To start I cook the chicken, seeing as I always buy frozen chicken that means boiling the chicken til cooked. I then chop up the chicken to half inch pieces (you are welcome to cut it up to whatever size pieces you like whether shredded or larger).
Next I throw the chicken, can of green chile peppers, salsa and cream cheese in a pan and heat on low to medium heat. If you want, here is where you can experiment by adding food of your own liking. Tonight I happened to have a zucchini on hand, as well as some  frozen corn and chopped up jalapenos. You could also try some red peppers (as well as yellow, green or orange 🙂 make it colorful) or any other foods you think would go great (or some you just can’t seem to get your kids to eat…this is a great way to mask foods they may not otherwise be willing to eat).
Next I take a large glass baking dish. One by one throw in a tortilla, spoon on a pile of goods from the pan into the center of the tortilla and then wrap and tuck. This is typically messy due to the juicy mixture but you won’t care after this is done. After I have tucked in all my enchiladas I cover them in the green chile sauce. Seeing I’m not afraid of cheese I sprinkle on some shredded cheddar to top it off.
After I am done dressing up my meal with cheese I slide it into an oven I have set at 350 and let it cook until the cheese on top comes to a sizzling boil. Sorry I would be more precise on time (and should be recording my ingredients and time frames says my husband) but that is a work in progress. Seeing as this meal goes into the oven with ingredients fully cooked there is no worries if it’s left in too long or too little. (And I’ll try to be better at my times next time 😉 ha ha)
To serve I usually side this dish with black beans, refried beans and/or spanish rice. A small container of sour cream and sliced olives make a great topper for those enchiladas. Dish up and serve. If you have plans for desert….well good luck having room left over. 😉


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  1. This is one of my favorite meals to eat, and it’s pretty easy to do well!

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